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We prepare stem cells for animal therapy.

Introductory prices are only valid until the end of June 2024!

About us

Our company has high hopes for the development of stem cell therapies. The research and clinical trials conducted worldwide suggest that we can expect surprising results in the future with stem cell therapies. Both in regenerative medicine and in the fight against civilization diseases.
Our Animstem Laboratories are involved in research on the use of stem cells with aim to transfer the results into veterinary practice. In the near future, we plan to build a network of clinics in collaboration with veterinary clinics where animals' own stem cells will be used for their treatment. We will write more about our activities soon.
Laboratórium Animcell

Our two main services

1. Extraction of stem cells from tissue, freezing and storage without cell multiplication

Tissue collection with stem cells

Any pet can get sick. Have a medication ready for him today. Have him collect his own stem cells. You can do this, for example, during neutering, other surgery, or in full-body anesthesia.

This is exactly the right time to take a sample of adipose tissue or fluid of synovium from which we can obtain stem cells to treat him in the future.

Storage of stem cells (banking)

In our laboratory, we isolate stem cells from the removed tissue of your pet and freeze them without multiplication. In the deep-frozen state, we will store them at - 196°C for its entire life.

Stem cell therapy

Today, veterinarians are able to regenerate damaged joints, spines and various organs with stem cells.

Whenever you need stem cells of your pet, we can thaw them at the veterinarian's request and send them for administration within 24 hours in an urgent case. In the case of chronic diseases, we can multiply a port of them and thus prepare a sufficient amount for treatment. Due to possible repeated treatment, part of the multiplied cells will still remain frozen.

Benefits of banking:

  1. If your pet becomes ill, there is no longer any need to burden him with the surgical procedure of collecting adipose tissue under full-body anesthesia.
  2. Frozen stem cells can be thawed and used in acute conditions (fractures, kidney failure...) within a few days.
  3. Stem cells taken at a young age are much more efficient, unaffected by acquired diseases and better able to regenerate damage.
  4. In the case of chronic diseases, cells stored in this way can be thawed and multiplied to the necessary quantity for treatment.

2. Extraction stem cells from tissue, their multiplication, providing them for treatment, freezing and storage

Tissue collection with stem cells

As your pet grows older, various diseases often appear that make it impossible or uncomfortable to live a normal life. For example, various chronic musculoskeletal conditions can often be helped by treatment with their own stem cells derived from adipose tissue or synovial fluid.

In this case, a sample of tissue must be surgically removed under full-body anesthesia and then isolate the stem cells.

Multiplication of stem cells and providing them for treatment

In this case, the isolated stem cells are multiplicated in special incubators to the required quantity and delivered to the veterinarian for treatment on the agreed date.

Storage of multiplicated stem cells

The remaining proliferated stem cells are frozen and stored for re-treatment or other future use.

Benefits of multiplication:

  1. The optimal amount of stem cells can be used for the treatment and repeatedly administered until complete recovery.
  2. The proliferated stem cells are free from admixture with other cells collected with adipose tissue or synovial fluid.
  3. The remaining proliferated cells can be administered even in acute cases within a few days.
  4. During stem cell proliferation, we are able to extract specific healing substances from the growth medium fluid that are available for the client to use in the treatment of other injuries or diseases (without the use of stem cells).

Introductory prices are only valid until the end of June 2024!

Let`s take the opportunity to freeze stem cells of your pet in its very best years. Spare him extra surgeries when he gets sick. After all, even the stem cells in any organism lose their regenerative capacity as it ages. Therefore, it is advantageous to have them frozen at as young age as possible.

If your pet is already ill and you are considering stem cell therapy, please contact us using the form below or contact your treating veterinarian.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cells regenerate damaged organs and tissues and are used in practice in the treatment of a number of animal diseases such as:

Stem cell treatments are being experimentally tested for deafness or blindness, or for paralysis due to spinal damage, type II diabetes, stroke  and many other diseases. Developments in this area of veterinary medicine suggest that the list for which stem cells can be used will grow in a short time.

From our laboratory

Certificates and authorisations

Animstem laboratories are an establishment of the company BIOM-R, s.r.o. with a authorisation for the production of veterinary drugs No. 1048/2019-5000-V issued by the Institute of State Control of Veterinary Biopreparations and Drugs (ÚŠKVBL) in Nitra and a certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


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